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Per my comments not too long ago:
Things I should probably deal with sometime soon:
1- Alternator installation for the outboard, so I can charge the battery when I’m without AC power.
2- Impeller replacement/spare for the outboard.
3- Mast-mounted steaming light (and all that that entails) for night operations.
4- Trailer brakes, for out-of-state travel?

I have since completed 2 and 1/2 of these. New steaming masthead/deck light, new mast wiring with silencers (i.e. 3 zip-ties every 18 inches all the way up the mast interior), new 4-pin deck connector, and the alternator. Still have to install the new 6 circuit DC panel, and the wiring from the transom to the battery for the charging system. Looking forward to crawling down under the cockpit for that.
I’ve secured a water pump repair kit, but still haven’t cracked the lower unit of the outboard to inspect the impeller. Denial…


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