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Looked like the same one that had bitten Jake on his nose last year. Thankfully, that was a dry bite (that’s one smart snake), but the blood and commotion that day certainly were something.
He appeared on our back porch around noon today, and Jake was the first to alert us, besides the rattler himself. Old Jake’s either going deaf or stubborn, and now I’m starting to lean more towards stubborn. I carefully picked up the snake with a noose-on-a-stick, and set him outside the back fence. I had just remarked to a friend last night that they’d be showing up soon.

We’ve had pretty good relations with these guys here at the ranch, and they’ve always let me know when I’m getting too close, so far. I hope our newest dog, Ziggy, turns out to be at least as smart as the snakes.

The only other instances of snakebite here have happened to our best cat. About ten years ago, Uh, Clem (that’s his proper name; Uh, Clem), had one cornered in an air conditioning compressor unit. The snake got him right in the head, and Clem spent the next 24 hours under a bed with a noggin as big as a softball. Then almost exactly one year later, Clem was nipped again, and once again, right in the head. Most likely, it was the same snake.

Clem’s still with us, teaching Ziggy about dancing around sharp objects.



  1. Too cute ! 🙂

    • I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo of the snake. About two-plus feet, and fat, as if he’d eaten recently.

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