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As insignificant as the block wall issue seemed in comparison, it certainly had longer legs. After a week-plus of waiting for Allstate’s claims adjuster, and two weeks of asking different contractors for bids on the job, it’s finally finished.

And all the while, a slow leak off the water main (one hell of an impact, to be sure), awaited repairs.

After turning the water back on, out it came, bubbling through from further downstream. Ay-yi-yi. Okay, dig up a few more feet of rotten pipe, cut and mend, not to mention two more trips to Ace Hardware. They know me well.

All in all, this little plumbing repair took about four hours, and a bit of perseverance, but we’re holding pressure.

The next day, I reinstalled the tee fitting off the main in order to make the hose bib in the front yard useable again. I’ve still got to find a suitable light fixture to mount on the conduit that extends up the edge of the new wall.

Thanks to the masons for all their good work, the tenants for all their patience, and the lucky fact that the pipe wasn’t too corroded all the way down the line.

Now we’ll wait for the local taggers and graffiti artists to do their job.

This isn’t much of a sailing blog nowadays, is it?
Gotta change that.

Oh, and by the way…


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  1. FABULOUS !!!

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