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Easter Sunday, 1045 hrs, and what’s all the hullabaloo out front? Our dogs, Ziggy and Kokie, what else? It’s that time of year again.
As I stood in front of the snake to get a better photo, he just kept a comin’, right at me!

Not to be intimidated

Not to be intimidated.

Yes, I backed up a little.

Yes, I backed up a little.

I’m glad that Ziggy appears to know enough not to mess too closely with one of our local snakes.

Because if a truly venomous bite did occur, the cost of treatment would give me pause…

Temps are expected to hit 90 degrees this week, so I guess I’ll be putting off going sailing until all of our tenants’ coolers are put online.
I could probably get them all done within a few days, and then wait through another couple days of operation to flush out any mechanical issues that might arise.

It’s too darned early for this, but when people rely on you for their physical comfort, and you rely on them for your income…

P.S.- 30 hours later, an even larger Western Diamondback had the dogs all worked up again, and I’m proud to say Ziggy exhibited the proper caution.
Good dog!



  1. Happy Easter Ya’ll! Glad no ER visits were needed today!

  2. Nice !! all around !! 🙂

  3. Hi, guys! Now if only we could get the dogs to stop chasing the coyotes. Territories do overlap, don’t they?

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