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I’m sorry for not posting more, and will try to keep up.

The latest effort WRT my little boat is the care and feeding of a 12 volt battery, and the myriad details attendant to such. Okay, maybe myriad  isn’t the right word, but it seems right when you add up the cost of all the stuff.

You search the internet for the things you feel you’ll want or need, give ’em a credit card number, then wait for the UPS truck to arrive. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

First, I like to have my purchases in hand before I commit to the peripherals, like mounting hardware. So, while I now have the panel and controller, I’m still waiting to pull the trigger on about $100.00 dollars worth of stainless rail hardware. This installation will also require going back under the cockpit to add even more wiring.

So be it.



I ordered the panel and controller from Northern Arizona Wind And Sun on a Thursday afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised when they showed up on my doorstep the next evening. Maybe it’s that right-turn policy enacted by UPS a few years ago. 😉

It looks like the panel will need a little beefing up of its frame in order to accept the hardware to fit it to the cockpit’s rails. I plan on adding some 1/8th inch aluminum bar stock and 90 degree angle stock to the frame fore and aft, probably attached with a lot ‘o rivets.

Being a trailer sailor, I want it to be as modular as possible, meaning easily attached and detached from the boat. The electrical connection for the panel will be made through the transom via an old deck socket and plug left over from past electrical upgrades.


The way I’m looking at it, it seems I’ll be dealing with the plug, two bolts and a couple of setscrews to do this. Not too bad.
New spreaders should be here soon, along with a new rudderhead to fit to the boat. C’mon, Blue Water Yachts.

I’d best hurry, as SV Flyin Sideways has rounded the Baha Peninsula, and is moving North into the Sea of Cortez.



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