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A little light on Pam’s dashboard shining “ABS”, along with her windshield washer spritzers suddenly failing to spritz, gave me reason to believe that our little carport/engine compartment resident was making himself quite at home. Sigh.

Jack up the car, pull the wheel, and start tearing into the fender housing. And this is what greeted me:


Not the best photo, but that’s the antilock brake sensor wiring. The little bugger chewed it off right up to the connector:





That’s my little iPod Shuffle next to the connector. My eyes not being what they used to be, I spent the better part of an hour just figuring out how the connector had been assembled, then headed down to the shop to scrounge up some suitable wire to solder a couple inches onto the chewed stubs.


That was the worst of it, the soldering, with a not-too-hot soldering iron. Anywho, after a trip to the hardware store for some electrical tape and a bit of split-plastic wire housing, some tubing and connectors, we got spritz.

All I should need to do now is perform a drive cycle. That entails a bit of slow acceleration, some slow deceleration, some fast acceleration, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Basically, city driving. I’ll research the particulars, drive the heck outta it, and see if that dashboard light shuts down.

If it doesn’t, looks like I’ll be tearing into the driver’s side.

I thought this was why we have cats. And snakes. Maybe we’re feeding ’em too much.

The cats, of course, not the snakes.



Ziggy seems to be the best mouser of them all. While camped out under the rear bumper of the car just a few weeks ago, she got ahold of a packrat, and made short work of him.


P.S.- Good news, everyone! The idiot light went off before I got 100 yards down the driveway! Cheers. 🙂


That’s a growler of Dragoon IPA. A local brewery, doing a bang-up job.

Update: The morning of July 11, I was greeted with a gift of a rat’s carcass.
Uh, Clem, I take it all back.

Clem, in the way



  1. Hmm having problem with brakes lights my self. If my idea of cure dont wok, i think i will try yours!

    • Yow. Brake lights are pretty important!
      Good luck, and I hope it’s something simple.

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