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Never in recorded meteorological history has Tucson experienced a month of June quite like this one.


Each and every day has had a high of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or better(!).
We have hot and warm running water.

We’re pretty busy with a couple of rental turnovers, one of which is getting a complete re-do. Tile, plaster repairs, scrubbing, paint, etc..

The casita’s swamp cooler has been able to keep the temperatures down to reasonable levels, but that’s because it’s been a dry heat.

Clouds looming in the South and East herald the Monsoon, and the elevated humidity that comes with the season really does a number on the effectiveness of evaporative cooling.

Yes, there is such a thing as air conditioning, and Mr. Carrier has definitely changed the world. His invention has been the most cited reason for the American Southwest’s population explosion, as well as many other parts of the world.

Except they cost a lot more to operate than a swamp box does, and when it does go on the fritz, you’re supposed to have a federally licensed technician handling the refrigerant, AKA more costs to bear.

With an evaporative cooler, you’ve got a box with its vertical walls made of some type of media, usually aspen shavings. Water is pumped up and allowed to trickle down these walls via a small electric pump and some piping. A squirrel-cage blower, belt-driven by a fractional horsepower electric motor, provides the air flow from the hot outdoors through the wetted walls of the box, and into the residence. No federally licensed techs needed, and relatively low electrical costs.

About six months of the year, they work great.
And here come the two or so months that they don’t.

Of course, a pool can help, too.


I’d best get cracking, as a tenant called last night at 11 o’clock with a swamp cooler problem.

P.S.- 1930 hours, Storms now in East Tucson, and we’re hopeful in the West.

P.P.S- 2015 hours, I just stepped over a rattlesnake on my doorstep!
We’re both fine.


This isn’t the same snake from a couple of nights ago. This one’s sunning himself on a Tuesday morning on my patio.



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