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This time, Pam and our two dogs, Koki and Ziggy, made the trip down to Rocky Point with me in my little truck. I filled up the cat food dishes and the water bowl, and off we went on a Friday afternoon.

I had initially hoped to spend some boatyard time doing some improvements/maintenance to Sovereign, but was a victim of the shipping companies’ “misunderestimation” of holiday package volume. Oh, well.

The workers next door were salvaging steel from a decrepit fishing boat.


I spent the remainder of the daylight hours cleaning/loading/setting up the boat, then we hit the malecon for dinner. The chile rellenos at the Blue Marlin are delicious, and Pam had the fish tacos especial con pico de gallo. They also make a pale-green sauce for dipping that’s really tasty, supposedly made from Russian dressing, avocado and assorted herbs and spices.

Let the actual recipe be a bit of a mystery. 😉

Later that evening, we hoisted the dogs aboard for a night on the hard at Safe Marina.

Day 2-

I found out about the local Ace hardware store’s rather abysmal selection of stainless pernos y tornillos, putting a grab rail installation for the sliding hatch on hold until my next visit. Strike two!
While the tide’s out, Pam and the dogs relaxed.

on the hard

After waiting for the tide to return, I put out onto the harbor for the short drive over to Marina Fonatur, while Pam drove the truck on over. The staff at Fonatur allows us to park in the handicapped space!
I don’t know if that’s a reflection on my Spanish skills, or what.

After checking in, we got back aboard Sovereign and headed out to see if we could find some whales. Scuttlebutt on the docks was that they’d be about 5-7 miles SSE of the port’s entrance.

A couple of sight-seeing vessels were right behind us, but we’re under sail, so they blew past us pretty quickly. Conditions were excellent, about 5-8 kts of wind from the North, so downwind we went, quite slowly. Stately, even.

While the catamaran Tempo traveled to that talked-about spot, the Eco-Fun, with her brand-new turbocharger, stayed much closer, then began billowing a plume of smoke! I learned later that the diesel injectors went tango-uniform in one way or another, but everyone aboard her was still treated to the sight of humpback whales that day.


And we were very excited to see our first humpbacks, too!




That last photo was taken from about 50 yards, and a concern that the whale might get even closer was developing. If a collision were to happen, this little MacGregor 25 wouldn’t stand a chance.
But we sometimes worry about things over which we have no control, and the whale just headed further North. It knows what’s going on around it, I think.

The sound they make when they surface to breathe is pretty loud, so I guess you’ll usually hear them long before you see them, and afterwards, too. It was cool!

With dusk coming on, we tacked our way back Northward, and entered the harbor at near high tide. A visit to the fishmonger just around the corner, and we had our evening’s dinner in hand. Camarón (shrimp), sauteed with vegetables.


Day 3-

It was so good last night, we had more for breakfast, with potatoes.


The forecast today is for higher winds, and we got out reasonably early. When I turned left after exiting the harbor, we were heading downwind with following seas of about 2 feet. It was still early, though, and still building.
About two hours later, the wind had piped up, along with the sea-state. I’ve been in these conditions only once before, and that time I was alone. Now, I’ve got a passenger and two dogs aboard, and I was getting nervous.
The wind and swells were running counter to the current, making the periods between waves take on a confused tempo.

confused seas
This photo is from my previous singlehanded trip, but you get the idea.

I’m happy to say my little boat did just fine, and she delivered us safely back to the docks at Marina Fonatur.


Boredom is highly underrated, don’t you think?

Later that afternoon, we took the dogs over to Sandy Beach so they could run a bit, and we made a small dent in the trash that had collected along the strand.
On our way back to the marina, we stopped at Sushi Sun for dinner. The food there was just fine.

Day 4-

It’s been a relatively relaxing trip, but Pam needs to be back in Tucson to close on a refinancing deal on some of our rentals. I think this, and the heavy seas the day before, were the most stressful parts. So before the tide went completely out, I drove the boat over to Safe Marina and had her hauled out.

I didn’t drain the outboard’s carburetor, or fold and roll the mainsail properly, but we got back to Tucson with a little time to spare before the bankers showed up at the Ranch, with all their papers to be signed.
The monthly mortgage payments aren’t going down, only the interest rate.

Truth be told, the refinancing seemed like a waste of time to me.



  1. We’re so glad you’re enjoying the sea of cortez! We’re making the crossing to Mazatlan tomorrow. Blue skies!

    • Pam’s talking about a crossing, but I’m leaning toward a car ride down to San Carlos to shop bigger boats…

      Have fun!

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