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It had been more than a month since I’d seen my boat, and she still needs a good bath.


This visit was mainly to get a couple of things done, one of those being “pay the rent”, and also to do a bit of work on her.

So, leaving the outboard’s fuel tank and hose in Tucson, I set off for Rocky Point just after noon on a Friday.

As I was leaving the city, there was a young man hitchhiking on Arizona 86, with a sign that read “Sells”.

Well, I’m going right past there, so I pulled over to give him a lift. When was the last time anyone else out there picked up a hitchhiker? It’s been years since I’ve done so.

Michael, or more likely Miguel, looks into the cab, and asks if I’m going as far as Sells. “Yep”.
He tossed his backpack and small suitcase into the bed of the truck, hopped into the cab, and commenced to talkin’.

And talkin’.

By the time we rolled into Sells, I’d heard a fair part of his life story. Oh well, he was still a nice enough kid.

A half-mile West of mile marker 82, there’s a decent example of a cristate saguaro cactus along the North fence line.


The main drag in Puerto Penasco is still all dug up, and I wonder how the businesses along that stretch are doing…

To work. It’s time to replace the old plywood outboard motor mounting plate.


The new one’s made of solid maple.


It’s a bit thinner than the old one, and that difference manifested itself in how the motor lays against the stern pulpit rail in its sailing position. I’ll give it a whirl in its present state, but may have to make another.

Another small project was the installation of a grab rail I’d made out of some scrap Trex that was laying around my woodshop.


That oughta save a few knuckles in the future.

Dinner that evening was at The Blue Marlin, and I’ve never seen the place so crowded. Completely full of Canadian RV enthusiasts with ruddy cheeks, fresh from Edmonton, Alberta.

The proprietor, Homero Ortega, was making out like a bandito,


and the food was as good as always.


I had the house tacos, made with smoked marlin.

Later, back at the marina, I climbed aboard for a night on the hard.

Day 2-

I spent most of the morning talking with a couple of sailors who were setting up a MacGregor 26.
I didn’t get any photos of them, because I’d left my camera at the restaurant last night! D’oh!

Just after noon, I swung by the Blue Marlin and retrieved it from Homero. He knew I’d be back for it.

I took my time driving back to Tucson, stopping at a roadside picnic table for lunch. There’s one of those religious altars there, and inside the altar was a burning candle. You’ve probably seen these candles, encased in a glass cylinder with a depiction of Jesus or some other saint.


Out back, all the spent candles are tossed onto the rocky ground, with no regard for the nearby trash can.


Another brief stop was at the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument visitor’s center. Meh.

I’ll be heading back down next week.



  1. Sorry to have missed you (again). But maybe a good thing, because I think I had your normal spot at Fonatur. Carl & Cordina were gone up north for the weekend, too. I thought you might have been around because it looked as if you had put a tarp over your sail cover (if that is your boat). (In case you do not remember, I am the guy who first told you about the rates at Fonatur, a couple of months ago.) ..I am anxious to see your boat more closely. See you one of the next times I hope.

    • Hey, Leana and Kevin, good to hear from you again!

      I hope Belize is still treating you well, Leana.

      Kevin, I looked for your boat, but didn’t see her. The one with the twin keels, correct? If I saw you but failed to recognize you when I stopped at Fonatur, please forgive me.
      I wonder when the “on-season” rates kick in at Fonatur!

      I have yet to put a mainsail cover on Sovereign, but I did notice an old tarp stuffed onto my trailer’s tongue. Probably from the Catalina 27 owned by a couple named Terry and Gail. They were celebrating a wedding anniversary on Friday.


  2. this post was especially nice- no technical stuff to decipher :). Hitchhikers ?? wow- I don’t know that I ever did- but I used to do it myself (lucky, I guess) really liked the crested thingy 🙂

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