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Many thanks to Transas iSailor (not to be used for navigational purposes) for featuring my web log on their “Season’s Sailing Must Reads”, and to all the folks who peeked at my blog today!

Usually, it’s a sleepy little place, with 5 or 6 visits (from gosh-knows-who) being a good day.

As of 1530 hours, there have been over 150 visitors, and over 200 views!

Again, thanks for visiting, everyone, whoever and wherever you are on the planet!


United States 60
Germany 21
Australia 16
Denmark 15
United Kingdom 13
France 10
Netherlands 9
Sweden 8
Canada 7
Spain 6
Bahrain 5
Russian Fed. 4
New Zealand 4



  1. I think I have a blog that I missed, but for sure it is still in my inbox- marked with a flag. your blogs are awesome, and I don’t entirely know what you mean half the time ! Such good news to hear- CONGRATULATIONS !!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Leana. You’ve missed one of the warmest winters on record in Tucson.

      Oh, wait…

      • wow- I can’t imagine that- cept I’ve been living it– hmmmm 🙂

  2. We follow it and post it at our Facebook racing site….it is read with great interest! Love it!

  3. We post it at our Facebook racing page!

    • Thanks, Anonymous, I appreciate it! The exposure has kept me a little busy moderating the comments, but it’s all good.

  4. Awesome, Tom! We post a link at our Facebook sail racing page!

    • Thanks. Looking forward to The Cup Cafe!

  5. We are looking forward to the Cup Cafe, too! Sorry for the multiple posts above. I wasn’t logged into WordPress and therefore the posts are Anonymous. All is good now and glad to know you got them. I copy the link for new posts to our Mas Cencerro Sail Racing FB page and our list reads about your adventures sailing in the desert. Sounds like you’re ready for that larger boat!

    • I was gonna say something about Anonymous’ and your postings having similar grammar…;)

  6. I know THAT feeling. Aint it GREAT!

    • The initial buzz has worn down to almost pre-Transas levels, but I still remember that day.

      What was your experience like, Barb?

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