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Koki, our refugee from the Sonoran desert, has passed.

I first came upon Koki in 2002, as she was walking along the road leading to Skydive Arizona. She jumped right up into my car, and I drove her back to the DZ to start removing the many ticks that infested her body, with help from fellow skydivers.

Special thanks to jumper Mary Traub, who donated $20.00 towards Koki’s then-impending veterinarian bills. It was and is still very appreciated!

After a bath and a thorough dusting for any remaining parasites, Koki took her place as Queen of the Ranch. She quickly became known to our neighbors, as she and Jake made their innumerable forays into the surrounding desert. A few times we received calls from folks as far as a couple miles away, letting us know they were safe, please come and get ’em. That kind of stuff is still going on with our now only dog, Ziggy.

Life was good.

But within the last two weeks, her rear legs had begun to give out on her, her appetite diminished, and her breathing became more and more labored.

Today, August 22, 2014, at approximately 1800 hours, while laying at the end of the living room sofa, she took her last breath. Pam intoned “I think she’s gone”. I arose from my chair, walked the few steps over to the dog, and had to agree.

Goodbye, Koki. Thanks.



  1. So very sorry to hear about Koki….. a good dog.

    • Thanks. It seems like the end of an era.

  2. Peace, Koki.

    • I hope all’s well after that bit of flooding over thataway.

  3. 😦 sorry to hear this, but for sure Koki had a good life. We just lost a cat that did exactly the same thing. 15 years old, a legend in these parts (also like Koki).

    • She got to anchor out in the Sea of Cortez and hunt rabbits in Arizona. She had it pretty good. It sounds like that cat did, too. 🙂

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