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A fairly productive monsoon season is starting to wind down around here. Without checking the “official” totals at the airport, I can confidently state that the Ranch has received over two inches of the stuff within the last two weeks. You should see my wife’s jugs!

Pams jugs

That there’s over 5000 gallons, filled to the brim. We use it to water what little vegetation we maintain here. The rest is either desert-hardened or dead.



Yesterday, the local news’ big stories were likewise inclined, showing some deep and fast rivers, where usually there are roads. A city bus plowing through about two to three feet of water, a swift-water rescue or eight, etc.

The quarter-mile of bad road leading to the Ranch is now a bit worse for wear, but I think Pam’s car can muddle through with just a few dings and scrapes. When the rains are done, I’ll go rent a big ‘ol tractor with a gannon box, and spend most of a day making the road once again fit for low-clearance vehicular traffic.

I might as well scrape the rest of the roads in our little wildcat subdivision while I’m at it, too.




  1. HA !!! Did u buy a copy of MY truck ??? (mine is still hangin’ in there)

    • No, Pam’s still driving a Kia Spectra. In a previous life, I urged her to get a truck, if only to allow her to drive on our road’s worst conditions without bottoming out.

      Now, I don’t give a s#|+ anymore! 😉

      • O- I see- on closer inspection, that is not the same as mine- well, enjoy (we laugh about people bringing sport cars of any type here- the humps, bumps, and weird objects in the roads kill the highest of vehicles)

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