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Now that the tune is firmly embedded in your head, meet Gilligan, our newest fur-bearin’ critter.


One can only imagine the bad ju-ju having that namesake aboard ship, huh? We’ve already discovered that he gets carsick…

He’s been here at the Ranch for about a month now, and still needs work getting over whatever “number” his previous owners did on him.


He’s just about got “sit” perfected, but unless you have some kind of treat, no way will he sit anywhere near you.

He and Ziggy get along pretty well, playing tug o’ war and the occasional roughhousing. Sometimes the fangs are bared, culminating in a yelp.

I’ve been pretty bad about work on the boat, but just today started in on the final touches to my rudder. If you’ll remember, the fiberglass around the pivot bolt had wallowed out, causing the rudder to want to klunk from side to side in the rudder head.

rudder epoxy

rudder epoxy1

I’ve epoxied a couple of 2 inch by 1/8th inch thick aluminum disks into the pivot area, through which brass bushings will be placed. I slathered the remainder of the epoxy onto a couple of low spots on my keel.


We’ll see.

The weather has turned perfect, but I think I’m still a couple of weeks away from hauling Sovereign back down to Mexico.


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