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A slow-but-steady refurbishing of the keel is in the works. With a grinder, rust-converting primer and some two-part epoxy, I’ve removed the rusty spots and filled the voids that remained.


It looks like a banana that’s beginning to turn, huh? (Thanks to Marty for the great simile!)



Using a rasp, it’s starting to take shape. The worst of the degradation was at the bottom leading edge, probably from groundings. That area has been filled, shaped, filled, faired and filled again. The final fairing is about to happen, using the rasp and a lot of sanding.

Seeing as how I’m not racing Sovereign, it doesn’t need to be NACA-perfect. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Symmetry would be nice.

Once it’s repainted, I’ll load it onto the cart.


I built it from 3/4-inch plywood, double thickness, braced with 2x4s and 4-300 pound-rated casters underneath. The vertical supports should be able to withstand the keel’s tendency to get as close to the center of the Earth as possible.

Then, I’ll back the boat on down to the shop, and begin the process of reinstalling the behemoth.

In the meantime, I’m somewhat busy putting all our tenants’ furnaces online. The nights have turned downright chilly by Tucson standards.

As for you poor blighters up North or wherever, you’re welcome to visit anytime. If you want to sail on the Sea of Cortez, bring your passport.


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