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Hope all y’all had a nice Christmas.

I’m embarrassed to say how long it’s been since I’ve sailed my little boat, but it has been outside of six months.
I can’t even say that I’ve been “busy”, other than life’s boring old incidentals, like a rental’s refrigerator going on the fritz, keeping a bed of coals going in the fireplace, and finishing up little niggling things on my resident “yard queen”.

The new dog, Gilligan, found out the hard way that our local coyotes aren’t something to turn your back on. He received a nip on the hindquarters, and a chunk of skin and fur about the size of a quarter was missing.
He’s fine, not really needing a suture, but he had to wear the elizabethan collar for a few days, and is still undergoing a regimen of antibiotics, just in case.

The re-installation of the keel went surprisingly well, for which I’ll credit a friend, a sturdy trolley, and the fact that we backed the boat so far into my shop that we had a nice concrete floor to roll the dolly upon.


Sorry about the poor quality photos, as usual! Once we got the trolley’s forward-most upright bumped up against the trailer, I removed the upright, and the trolley’s deck just fitted under the trailer, almost as if I’d planned it that way.


By keeping the forward part of the keel up high into the keel trunk, we hardly needed to reinstall the trolley uprights, but with 625 pounds of tottering cast iron, we did so anyway.

It only took us a couple hours to install, and the boat was back up in her regular parking spot by beer-thirty. Yay!


The trolley’s been decommissioned, and most of it has ended up in the fireplace, a hotbed of recent activity.

Next, getting the trailer lights up to speed, and checking the wheel bearings.

Have a happy new year, people!


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