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Okay, the boat’s ready, the trailer’s ready, insurance crap’s ready…


Only, I’m not quite ready.


What you’re looking at there is the underside of a hot tub, and in the center of the photo is a small nub of wiring, chewed apart by one of our resident packrats. The wires lead to a temperature sensor, necessary for the operation of the heater.

I have taken revenge on the offenders.

The website where I ordered the new part says I can just insert a “T” fitting before the pump, and instructions with photos are available online.

Just a little cut, some plumbing, zip-boom-do-da, Bob’s your uncle.


Unfortunately, the model spa we have isn’t the model shown in the online instructions, necessitating that I reach deeply into the guts of the spa, dig out the insulating foam from around the unusable sensor, and replace it in its original spot.

This is not a zip-boom-do-da job. It’s an exercise in contortion, abrasion and frustration, given all the pipes and foam that are in my way.

Then, there’ll be the matter of rat-proofing the durned thing. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got work to do.

Rant off.



  1. Very much so a place that you can see, but no way you can get there. We watched them making jetted tubs on the Discovery Channel once, and I thought there’s no way in heck you’re ever getting to one of those “through hull” fittings on the backside, ever.

    • I’ve put my skinny-armed wife to the task, and she was able to dig just a little deeper towards the fitting. I’m preparing to upend the whole shebang, and go at it from the bottom.

      800+ pounds of hot tub. I think I’d need about 3-4 helpers.

      • Hot Tub Travel Lift. Sounds like a utube famous motion picture!

  2. Sounds a lot like owning a sailboat to me.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking while writing this post, except the boatwork seems more justifiable!

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