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After putting off the hot tub repair to run the boat down to Mexico,


returning to attend a fellow jumper’s memorial service


(that’s me at 7 o’clock),

then another run down to actually sail the boat, plus a brief illness which came outta nowhere, this paragraph is fast turning into a run-on sentence. With photos.

Anywho, I was feeling somewhat better yesterday, so I again opened up the guts of my rat-chewed hot tub, dug down deep, and with the final twist of a basin wrench, removed the stub of the temperature sensor from its cavity.

Replaced the thing, filled up the tub, and threw the switch.

Lo and behold, we have HOT TUB, BABY!


And thank goodness, I was beginning to smell.

Thanks to Joe for the initial diagnosis of that tiny little black wire that had fatigued and broken from the IC board, and Mark for his delicate soldering skills.

Oh, and Norma and Tim for the use of that killer rat trap. Looks like one of those rat traps will make a nice Valentine’s Day present.

I’m nothing if not romantic.


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