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Perhaps that’s overstating it somewhat, but I had a delivery scheduled for Friday AM.

3600 square feet of roofing shingles, 18 rolls of 30 pound felt, and some related items from a local wholesaler. The wholesaler had sent a guy to recon my driveway the day before, and reported back that their rooftop delivery vehicle would not make it up the narrow, twisted road.

When I visited the wholesale yard, I spoke with a guy who showed me the vehicle in question, and yes, it would be difficult for that 40 foot vehicle to make it up to the house.

So, shelling out untold sums of money, I figured the wholesaler would just send a smaller truck up to the house, and set it on the ground with their forklift, instead of conveyer-belting the bundles up onto the roof from their longer truck.

The driver called me up, saying he was down on the main road, waiting for me. I began to give him instructions on how to get to the Ranch, and the driver told me he had the 40 footer, and he couldn’t make the drive.

I guess it’s all my fault for not being explicit enough with the salesman, not letting him know that I don’t have a vehicle capable of transporting 6500 pounds of materials from there to here.

I even had roof help all lined up, but had to send him away due to the miscommunication.


Please stand by.


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