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And I’m already hurtin’. It appears that I’ve gotten soft.





Almost 2000 square feet of shingles are piled up on the Southeast corner of the roof, awaiting the dumpster’s arrival. Should be Tuesday at the latest, but you know how these things go.

I’ll have all week to felt and shingle the North side, but I’m not looking forward to it one bit.

A local big box store has the vehicle needed to get 36 square (108 bundles) of roofing material up to the Ranch, just not up on the roof.

Well, that’s why they make ladders. Got two, no waiting.



Hey, how ’bout a roofing party? Free beer, lunch and scintillating conversation, while you hand me shingle after shingle and get a tan.



  1. I do not envy you this work, not one little bit! Have fun!

    • I know, I am not to be envied. Oof. 🙂

  2. Tom you need a roofing nail gun. I did my roof 2 years ago and said it was my last. Well the garage is leaking now… I’m glad I still have my gun for that last roof…

    • Thanks, but I’ve got my Senco roofing stapler. It’ll do.

      It should be for sale soon, too!

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