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I rested. 🙂

After the big tear-off on Sunday, Monday was spent nailing down the underlayment, 30-pound asphalt impregnated felt. I worked into the darkness, as the weather reports were calling for overnight light rain. I got it 99% covered, except for a bit along the ridge.


The shingles and dumpster were delivered this morning.


And they’re metric shingles, meaning that the repair I’d done a few years ago will have to be torn off, also.



Because of this “metric versus imperial” issue, I can’t just butt up to my repairs and expect the slots in the new shingles to play nicely with the older ones used in the repair. It also means I’ll be re-flashing and counterflashing the chimney. So it goes.

I have 21 days to toss as much stuff as possible into the 30-yard dumpster, and I’m sure it’ll be full by then.

Our weather forecasters are calling for more rain next weekend, causing scheduling difficulties with my helper.

So it goes, again.


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