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Except for that race against darkness a couple days ago. Then, I had to hurry.

Today, I made sure my felt was properly nailed down, and started humping bundles of shingles up the ladder. Pam set upon the debris field, tossing it into the nearby dumpster. As of 1700 hours, she was done.

A cut was made along one side of the ridge, over which I’ll install a ridge vent system, which should help lower our cooling bills next Summer. I’ll cut the other side when I’m good ‘n ready.


That’ll get temped over with more 30-pound felt, in preparation for this weekend’s forecasted rains. The Sonoran desert is just that, a desert, but it’s the wettest desert. Sigh.

In order to not mess up my good Milwaukee circular saw, I bolted a plywood skid plate onto the saw’s foot. I use the Milwaukee to cut sheet goods down to manageable size before making final cuts on the table saw, so it seemed like a good idea.


Ziggy enjoyed a dog’s life all the while.


The back roof is about 1/3rd loaded, only about 40 bundles to go, and then, there’s the front of the Ranch, awaitin’.




  1. Can I trade with the dog? Ha ha.

    • You’re welcome anytime, but the dog stays. Stay, Ziggy!

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