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Well, it’s in the process.



I chose to roof the Ranch in an offset slot pattern, instead of vertical. Hang the rains that are predicted. Folks in California are saying that the NWS’s predictions were/are overblown, but their dire warnings did prevent the front roof’s tear-off. Next weekend, I hope.

Ow, my back.

Got rid of a lot of scrap wood, with just over 2 more weeks left to keep the dumpster here. Found the first 3 rattlesnakes of the season too, as I pulled scrap plywood and boards from the pile. Sorry to wake you, guys.

I won’t really count them as it’s still way too early.

I really must try to find a few days to sail. Besides, my boatyard rent’s overdue.



  1. That’s some MAJOR progress!! Keep up the good work! Your almost done!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

    • Almost done? Bwa-ha-ha!

      Ooo, it hurts good to laugh. Thanks! 🙂

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