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While returning home from a Saturday of rental rehab, the local weather forecast was calling for an increasing chance of rain early in the week.

And I had already lined up my tear-off helper for Sunday. Crap!

Well, the next morning, he showed up raring to go, but my fear of a deluge while the roof was torn off gave me pause. So we loaded the backside of the roof with the remaining bundles of shingles, and took a break away from the severe clear of the late morning’s sunshine.

“Have you checked the weather forecast today?” asked Pam.

Well, no, I hadn’t. Pulling up Weather Underground on the iPad, a string of zero-percent-probabilities were staring me in the face.
Hmm. This is the website started by a guy I used to play Ultimate with, Dr. Jeff Masters, and I trust him.
Okay, let’s do this!


Even Pam got into the act, sweeping and keeping the scraps moving toward the dumpster. By 1630, we had the roof completely torn off, and enjoyed a beer.

All of Monday, a good part of Tuesday and half of Wednesday were spent prepping and felting the deck with 30 pound tar paper, and as of noontime Wednesday, let it rain!



Barb, you may now celebrate. 😉



  1. Tom what is this “Rental Rehab”?
    Roof is looking good. Love your lawn! That is low maintenance!

    • It’s when we spend a few days sprucing up a house so the new tenants aren’t horrified when they move in. Paint, windows, fridge, oven, etc.

  2. we love weather underground here- to think I know someone that knows someone that knows the weather !! whoo hoo !!! 🙂

    • I’m such a name-dropper.
      He used to fly airplanes into hurricanes for NOAA!
      Not sure, but I think Jeff has sold the site off to the Weather Channel.

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