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Saw what looked like a small weather window on Weather Underground down on the Sea of Cortez, and made the run down to Rocky Point on a Sunday morning, with Pam and the dogs in tow.

Arrived about an hour before low tide, but as the moon was about half-full, the usual tidal extremes were less so, and I could put in with no problems. Thank you, Roger, for designing a boat that only needs 24 inches to launch!

After scooting over to Marina Fonatur, I bent on the mainsail, threaded the reefing lines and attached the jacklines to the deck. It’s looking like there’s a fresh breeze, so let’s be careful out there.

We exited the marina, and started the short channel run to the mouth of the harbor. Right at the entrance, I turned around and headed straight back in.

2-4 foot waves with a tight period put the kibosh on my attempt to sail that day.

Yep, I’m a wuss. So, we grabbed a bit of lunch and headed over to the beach, and went swimming on full stomachs. There are still some risks I’m willing to take.

There’s another ketch docked at Safe Marina.




Jeez, this thing’s about 70 feet! The masts are almost twice as tall as that Challenger’s I’d looked at a couple of months ago.


If anyone out there can tell me the make and model, please do?

Dinner was at a small pizza joint, El Amor de Pizza, where the wood-fired oven had our pie cooked to perfection in nothin’ flat. With chorizo, onion and jalapeno, delicious.

Day 2-

Considering yesterday’s conditions, we put out of the marina around 0800. Much less daunting at this time of day! The only problem that arose was learning that my Bad Elf GPS unit wasn’t functioning with the iPad’s location services. Every time I booted up the iSailor app, the external GPS would stop working, losing satellites. I’ve since found out that Apple Incorporated has included a small glitch in their latest iOS update, version 8.3. If you haven’t updated yet, you’re fine.

I screwed up. I trusted them. Now, I trust you’ll fix this issue, Apple. Until that time, I’m on a mission to work up redundancies to my navigational capabilities. OpenCPN, running on a laptop may work, but finding BSB raster charts for Mexican waters is proving slightly difficult. Milton at Marina Fonatur was pretty helpful in translating some Spanish web pages for me, so, thank you again, Milton!

Anywho, when the wind started piping up around midday, I shortened sail out of an overabundance of caution. It is said, “if you’re thinking about reefing, you should be reefing”, or something along those lines. And then I started heading back into port. Once tied up safe at the docks, I saw another smallish sailboat making its way into port, with what appeared to be a damaged foresail on a furler.

As it turned out, the increasing winds were only a temporary thing, and I’m still beating myself up somewhat for cutting the daysail short. Wuss.

But, we did hit the beach for a second time. Got a slightly better photo of the fishing eagles, nesting along the beach. I do believe my focusing abilities are improving.


We ate dinner that night at the same Chinese restaurant we’d eaten at before, as Pam had promised our server there a small collection of cooking magazines.

Day 3-

This day was known to be sketchy, wind-wise, and did not fail to live up to the weather forecasters’ estimations right off the bat. Wednesday didn’t look any better. Besides, I needed to be back in Tucson for a meeting on Thursday, so I just said screw it, and had the boat pulled out. We were able to get back in town by dusk on a Tuesday evening.



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