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Seeing as how my Mexican liability insurance on the boat and vehicles was about to expire, I made the decision to retrieve her for the Summer, and I took a few boat-selfies along the way back North.

Here’s one at the Little Shrine of the Broken Glass.




One with Kitt Peak National Observatory.


One at the most expensive gas station around here, in Quijotoa.


I asked a woman who was filling her tank how much the gasoline costs here, and she replied “I don’t know”.


$3.79.9 per gallon! That’s about a buck and a half more than Tucson gets. Needless to say, I didn’t purchase any gasoline there.

The trip was not without incident, however. Unlike my previous experience, when crossing into the U.S. this time, the Customs and Border Protection guy in the booth was particularly persistent, asking me how long had the boat been in Mexico, was there anything I was transporting that he needed to know about, yada-yada-yada.

About 6 months, no, nothing to declare, no, really, no.

“Pull over there to inspection bay 2, sir.” Okie-doke.

“Leave your keys and phone on the dashboard, and follow this agent into the building, sir.” A nice young man led me into the building, where I could take a seat and watch as the burly one who was in the booth did a chin-up off my starboard cabin-top stanchion. I winced.

Another agent figured out how to board her without a ladder, but I couldn’t see how he treated my pulpit railing. He tottered carefully along the deck, stepping down into the cockpit. Soon, the other one made the trip too, and both of them peered into the companionway.

These guys are wearing body armor, radios and weapons, so, in quite a testament to his flexibility, the taller of the two clambered down into the cabin.

About 15 minutes later, the original agent walked past me, scowling that I could go. If he found anything, he didn’t tell me about it.

The whole trip took almost 12 hours, and Sovereign has since gotten a much-needed bath.



  1. The boat always appreciates a nice road trip.

  2. You don’t happen to be a member of the Tucson Sailing Club? I have a Mac 25, and I bought that balboa you found in the desert. Working up a plan of things to achieve on her to get her going.

    • Not a member, no.

      Congratulations on the Balboa! It seemed to me a bit too much work to get her sailing, and a heavy trailering experience, so I ended up purchasing a Mac 25.

      You’re in San Tan Valley, correct?

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