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I’ve been slowly replacing the standing rigging, starting with new chainplates. Remove the old ones, clean and goop the new ones into place.

One little problem was the goop pulling away from the outboard areas when I finally stepped the mast, so I trimmed away the loose 4200, cleaned again, then re-gooped.

Just before a goodly monsoon moved through the area.


I had disconnected my GPS-enabled VHF radio, out of concern over a possible lightning strike. At over $220.00, it was the most expensive item I had to replace after last year’s incident.

Rain and 30-40 MPH winds lashed the Ranch for about half an hour, and our jugs are quite full.

Pams jugs

We’ll see about our road. A hard rain last Friday, Saturday, and now today’s downpour have all taken their toll.


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