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I guess it’s not surprising, considering the unseasonably warm temperatures.

Gilligan alerted us to his presence, just before dusk. Good dog!


Hope the snake ate that rat from the woodshop.



  1. Oh my! I despise snakes. So what did you do?

    • When we found him, he had slithered halfway through a piece of chicken wire, catching on his full belly. I made sure he was safe and sound, because I like snakes.

      Why do you despise them?

      • I absolutely dislike, despise, hate the creepy, vile creature. It gives me the heebie-jeebies just to look at!

      • We usually hate/fear that which we don’t understand. I’ve found my local snakes to be quite polite actually, and a great help in keeping the rats down.

      • Okay, but I will pass on the understanding. Ever! There is nothing else on Earth that I dislike. Just snakes. I even prefer babysitting a Gorilla to being around a snake. It’s what it is.

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