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Everybody loves a little excitement now and then, right? I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie myself, hopping out of perfectly good airplanes at one of the best drop zones in the world.

Pam had an errand to do just a few miles down the road, and Gilligan was allowed to hop in the car for the supposed quick run.

It being a warm day, the car windows were wide open as Pam made her way down the road, Gilligan in the back seat. About two miles South of our driveway, a cross breeze made its way through the vehicle, stirring up some loose plastic bags Pam likes to keep handy.

Gilligan was not amused, and leaped out of the car window, doing about 35-40 MPH!

So, I’m at home, and I get a frantic call from Pam, telling me I need to get down to a certain address right away, as Gilligan was gone. She had no idea as to his whereabouts or condition, only a vague hope that he was still close by his exit point.

It’s 1700 hours, 90 degrees plus, Pam is sobbing and swearing, beating herself up (Hey, that’s my job!).

The dog is nowhere to be seen, and after inspecting the roadside and environs, I tell her that our best bet is for someone to find the dog and deliver him to the local dog pound. Another round of searching a wider area comes up fruitless, and we head back to the Ranch.

That night, every coyote howl had me thinking of that damned dog. Not much sleep was had.

Day 2- Today, April 22.

As the sun came up, I again made my way to Gilligan’s last known location, walking along the road looking for clues. A waste of gasoline.

I drove back home and plunked myself down for some coffee, Pam in her Barcalounger reading her book.

Guess who ambles on up to the front porch?


Our cursory inspection of him turned up a few cuts and abrasions, a bit of cactus and a chipped canine. Not bad for a 35 MPH, 90 degree crabbing touchdown on asphalt.

It took him 15 hours to make his way back to the Ranch. Pretty good homing dog, if nothing else.


That’s a straight line from his “stunt-jump” back to the Ranch. I wonder what his actual path looked like?




    • I’m not too sure “good” is the best descriptor in this case!

  2. Gotta love a happy ending ! 🙂 He may have been unconscious for 7 of those hours ya know….. Glad it all worked out. (Sorry about the cat in the last post)

  3. AND !! I’ll bet he took the road back !! LOL

    • I’m wondering just how far the dog could negotiate a return.
      Thanks for the condolences. We’re down to one cat, effectively doubling our possible sailing in Mexico.

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