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Up early, I’m quaffing coffee down in the shop, prepping the planer for the final thicknessing of the new door rail. I don’t think 0530 is too early to fire up this screamer, eh?


A few passes through, and it’s good to go. The next step is cross-cutting the piece to final length and cutting the slots for the biscuits. It’d be nice to use mortise and tenon joinery again, but this glue is pretty good, claiming to be stronger than the wood itself. And I’m in a bit of a hurry.

These were the only practice cuts I could make on scraps, the cut-offs from the new rail.



The rail’s almost finished.


Now to cut the corresponding slots on the stiles. These two small cuts took longer to set up, and lots of contortions to eyeball the cutter to the centerline of the stiles.

The Beast is back.


As my new rail was a still a bit over-thick (with a fudge-factor of 1/16th of an inch), the dry-fit looked good. I can sand the joints down fairly quickly with some 60 grit.


The last cut before final assembly is the rabbet to receive the glass.


The door was glued and clamped by 10 AM.


Now I’ve got a refrigerator defroster cycle acting up. Defrosted the evaporator, cleaned the condenser coils and put it back together. What next!?!

My circular saw will be going out for repairs tomorrow. Hopefully all it needs is a couple of new brushes and a bit of cleaning/lubrication. I like that saw.

In the meantime, sand and prime the door, while hoping I don’t need to deal with that danged refrigerator again. Ay-yi-yi.

After-dinner update: did the last bit of routing out of the interior side. I’ll probably be the only one who notices this terrible profile match.



Just prime it.

Tonight or tomorrow I’ll clean up the filthy glass and install it. Most likely tomorrow.




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