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Although I’ve been doing my best to stay away from my shop, I can’t deny it’s utility, especially as a man-cave. I have every tool needed to take a tree and turn it into dimensional material, from chainsaw to card scraper.

It’s saved us lots of cash over the years. Unfortunately, it’s also provided a place to store all the crap that one picks up over a career, if I can call it that. It’s technically good crap, serviceable and fairly ordered in my own loose system. Read: I know it’s here somewhere!

Some of my work:

There was a need for a place to keep all the stuff that a swimming pool needs.

Mission style sofa table, built from plans available through

This is a scale mock-up of my new dining table.

Solid cherry legs and rails, plywood top with solid edge trim.

This was a good exercise in frame and panel construction. Stiles and panels bookmatched.

This was probably my most ambitious piece. Everything on it that could be bookmatched, was done so.

One for me, and two more for a friend. It’s a good place to sit while you watch your opponent beat you at nine ball.

Maple and mesquite billiard rack.



  1. I can’t figure out how you keep your shop so clean. I don’t dare show this to Sharon or I’ll be cleaning mine for the next two months. Nice work. Next time you are here, plan to take some time to look at a few of the things I have made with tools of great similarity to yours. BTW, the boat and motorhome have traded places and am getting the mast connections all back together – – slow – slow!

    • It’s not clean at all, Bob.
      It’s certainly in disuse, as I have bigger fish to fry.

      Let me know when you’re ready to float the boat, eh?

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